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Big Mama's & Papa's Pizzeria Fund Raising
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Fundraising & Group Discounts
Pizza Rules! It's #1 in the US & Everybody eats it.

The Big Mama's & Papa's Pizza™ for Charity Fundraiser Card Program is a fundraising program like no other. Big Mama's & Papa's Pizzeria™ will provide your organization with enough Pizza for Charity Fundraiser Cards to beat your fundraising goal. The Fundraiser Card is a credit card-sized block of peel-off coupons that entitle the cardholder to ten special pizza deals - over $85 in savings - that are unmatched in value to any other discounts that Big Mama's & Papa's currently offers.

Just organize your group, hold a fundraiser kick-off rally, and collect donations from supporting members of the local community. In exchange for each $10 contribution to your fundraising campaign, each donor receives a Big Mama's & Papa's Pizzeria™ Fundraiser Card.
Fundraiser Card
One Free X-Large 1-topping birthday pizza for anyone in the cardholder's family. A $16 value
Two Free Large two-topping pizzas (Buy 1 get 1 free)
10 Outrageous Pizza Deals

It's a WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN Situation

YOU pay nothing to start your fundraising campaign - no down payment, no initial investment - a huge plus. You can begin your fundraising program in a month, a week, tomorrow, or even today. Helping your organization is what it's all about.

WE get an opportunity to support various organizations and groups in our local community with our specialty - pizza.

COMMUNITY members save money on something they probably already eat. Plus they get a free X-Large birthday pizza - an $16 value. There is no risk to the pizza-lovers who choose to donate to your program. In fact, many of them may turn out to be customers of ours already. They simply get a delicious free birthday pizza on their birthday (or the birthday of anyone they choose.) What could be better?

E-mail us today for more information: contact form.
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
Q: Do we work with any size group?
A: Yes. There are no minimum group number requirements of any kind.
Q: Can unused cards be returned?
A: Yes. Provided that they are in good and reusable condition, we'll gladly take back any cards. These cards can be offered to other organizations and groups for their fundraisers. However, damaged cards, cards with some stickers missing, and obviously lost cards cannot be returned and unfortunately have to be charged to you. So protect those cards and keep them in good shape.
Q: Can additional cards be ordered during the fundraiser?
A: Yes. Perhaps your fundraiser will go even more successfully than you had anticipated. In that case, more cards can usually be delivered to you in a day or two.
Q: What does it cost?
A: Nothing. There is no required deposit, no up-front costs to you of any kind. After we complete an agreement that reserves your fundraiser cards and finalizes details such as your Pizza for Charity fundraising campaign duration and payment due date, your Fundraiser Cards will be given to you, and off you go. Billing will be handled at the close of your fundraising campaign.
Q: Why would we basically give away an X-Large pizza for $3?
A: Our Pizza for Charity Program affords us the opportunity to help members of our local communities, and we're up to the challenge. We are glad to help. Even if everyone who donates to your cause simply chooses to redeem the free birthday pizza, it would be worthwhile to have them come into our store and introduce themselves to our team members. Besides, it's one way for us to say 'Thanks" to our customers, new and old, and for us to help the non-profit groups of our community.
Q: How can I pay for the Fundraiser Cards?
A: We accept cash, all major credit cards, and checks.
Q: Are there any hidden or extra costs?
A: No. Our Pizza for Charity Fundraising Program is very simple: you get the cards you need to hold your fundraiser, beat your fundraising goal, and enjoy your proceeds.
Q: Are the pizzeria locations listed on the cards?
A: Yes, they are. But we frequently open new stores, too. Call any of our stores for the nearest location, or go to our website: